Instrument Care

You finally have your shiny new musical instrument, but now what?  Don’t worry, we have all the information you need to keep your instrument clean, working, and sounding great right here.

Mr. Walker takes time to discuss care of each musical instrument as part of his instruction in band, so your child will be familiar with these instructions.  If anything happens to your child’s instrument or if your have a question – DON’T PANIC!  Mr. Walker or or friends at Music Time in Jacksonville will be able to help.

Your instrument is not a toy.  The first thing to remember is that your musical instrument is not a toy.  Musical instruments are precision machines and can easily be damaged through misuse and neglect.  Not to mention that they’re usually pretty expensive!  Treat it with care and respect and you will get years of use.  Keep your instrument in it’s case when you’re not using and, and take care not to bang, scratch, or leave it sitting where it might be stepped or sat on.

Get familiar with your instrument.  At the same time, you should be comfortable with your chosen musical instrument.  If you are practicing every day, you will become very familiar with it.  As silly as it sounds, each instrument has it’s own personality and quirks, and you will soon know them inside and out.

Cleaning and caring for your musical instrument.  We created the following guides to help you provide the best periodic care and maintenance for your particular instrument.  Please contact us here at the website, or contact Music Time in Jacksonville, if you have any questions.