Minutes from our first 2018-2019 Parent Meeting

Copied directly from Jeanne’s email…



Hey everyone,


This is all of the information from the meeting on Tuesday. I have attached the minutes from the meeting. Also, if you would like to purchase bibbers for your child, the links are below. You will need to order them yourselves, and they need to be ordered ASAP. You do not need to purchase them, but some people wanted too. If you do purchase them, they still will need to be brought back weekly, to make sure the uniforms are complete before the game. Karen and I fitted most of the kids last week,except new band members, and members who were not there. Please let Karen know if and when you ordered them.


Demoulin – The DSI bibbers have snaps, so you do not need to hem.




Band Shoppe – The Deluxe bibbers have snaps, so you do not need to hem, and a pocket. The economy uniform does not have either, so you would need to hem the pants.




Last thing for the marching uniforms, Dinkles are $28. If you are ordering them, please send in the payment with your student’s name, what the money if for, and the total amount in an envelope. Mr. Walker will place it in the safe.


Summer Uniforms


For the first 2 games, the students will wear their summer uniform. The uniform consists of khaki shorts (school appropriate length), band shirt (they will be receiving these), and black shoes.



Chaperone/Concession Sign ups


We have created a sign up for chaperones and concessions. Please only sign up for 1 chaperone assignment right now. We want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to chaperone a game. You can sign up as many times as you would like to work in the concessions booth. The link to sign up is:




This is my final email as secretary, and Wendy Frederico will be sending out everything now. I have created an email for the treasurer, so if you have any questions about Charms, or anything to do with payments please email me at this email:  treasureryhspba@gmail.com