Confirm Your Intent To March by 5/30/22

Band parents and students – Mr. Walker has an exciting marching season and band experience in store for you this upcoming year.  The Yulee Hornet Marching Band Program gets bigger and better every year, and this season will be no exception.


We need to know if you will be joining us.

PLEASE TELL US IF YOU ARE MARCHING WITH US THIS YEAR!  Click the following link, fill out the form, and click submit:


Band Camp will kick off your marching season this year, where band students learn the show music and marching drill.  Jordan Miller has returned! Introducing Mr. Mack Seely as our new assistant band director and percussion instructor. Mr. Walker is working to bring on additional marching and drill experts.  The lessons of working hard towards a goal, along with the bonds and friendships our students make at band camp last a lifetime.

Color Guard.   Ben Gebhart and Crystal will be our color guard squad instructor.

Friday Night Lights.  Everyone’s favorite experience from band is creating the Friday Night Soundtrack  for our beloved Yulee Hornet Football Team.  Halftime performances add to the fun.  The Best Band In The Land is getting ready to lead the crowd as we cheer, dance, sing, and play.  Nobody shows more spirit than our crew.  It’s also rumored fresh squeezed lemonade / limeades / orange crushes will return for our home games.

Marching Competitions and MPAs.  Of course, Mr. Walker has competitions on our season schedule, including another trip to Lowndes and State Finals – you don’t want to miss these shows!  Music is already chosen and students have started learning the pieces – look for our Yulee Hornet Marching Band to continue our Tradition of Excellence.

Band Trip.  Last year the band had an amazing trip to Universal Studios. Mr. Walker is planning our next (overnight) trip for the band students. This trip will give students the opportunity to visit a place they’ve never been before, and perform / meet / spectate with students from a different area.  Trip details will be provided soon.

Other Performances.  Of course everyone loves our band, and Mr. Walker gets plenty of requests for community performances.  These are wonderful performing opportunities that typically support a worthy cause.

Holiday and Spring Concerts.  If you have heard any of these concerts, you know how special a program we have here at YHS.  Of course the Holiday and Spring concerts will return next year!

Fundraisers.  We will have plenty of fundraising opportunities to help students pay for activities.

Band Banquet.  Our band parents planned a special night to top off the year, and it was a great success.  We expect to bring the band banquet back again this year for awards, laughs, food, fun, and to celebrate another amazing year for our students.

SO, ARE YOU IN?  WE’RE DYING TO KNOW!  If you are intending to be part of the Marching Program this year, please click the following link, fill out the form, and click submit: